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Professional information

When I first saw a web page back in 1994—it was the famous, now defunct Trojan Room Coffee Machine at the University of Cambridge—I said to myself "wow, that's great." This was when I fell in love with Internet and the World Wide Web. Back in those days the Internet and the Information Superhighway were myths rather than media.

At present I am with IBM Corporation as Manager, Global Web Effectiveness. Prior to that I have been working on finance and image processing applications, Internet education and World Wide Web publishing, including an earlier version of IBM Ausbildung Online, a catalogue of IBM learning services offerings in Austria, and as senior IT architect and webmaster for I also served at Geriatriezentrum Am Wienerwald, a geriatric hospital in Vienna as my compulsory public service.

A gradudate of Computer Science (Informatik) at Technische Universität Wien/Vienna University of Technology my master's thesis covered special aspects of the Austrian public census Volkszählung 1991: Anwendung und Anwenderstrukturen (see online library catalog for availability). My research interests include Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), information development, security and privacy issues, networking and programming languages.

For the records there is a list of conferences I have attended recently, focussing on Internet and World Wide Web.

Spare time activities

Originally from the very west of Austria, Vorarlberg (recommended reading: Z'Wian si … in German), I now live in Vienna. I enjoy reading and hacking Perl code or web pages, as well as playing board games like Abalone and Go (once I understand all the different versions of Go mentioned in the Go Frequently Asked Questions).

Although we have been kind of lazy recently, I do enjoy the walks through the streets of Vienna with my wife Andrea, who always is in search for phonecards to improve her collection (donations welcome).

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Klaus Johannes Rusch

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