Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Safely landed

I am in Germany this week for training on e-procurement and business process modeling.

Three colleagues from Bratislava and I made it to the IBM facility in Herrenberg, which wouldn't be noteworthy except that the newspapers had detailed reports about an emergency landing of a Dash 8-Q400 at Vienna airport yesterday, and sure enough our plane was a Dash 8-Q400 too. The board magazine highlighted the benefits of the aircraft, such as lower fuel consumption than jets at relatively high speeds, the ability to take off and land on short runways, propellers which can be repositioned for excellent climb and cruise performance, and noise and vibration reduction for the cabin.

I didn't feel particularly unsafe even after reading the morning news as the many problems reported with this type of aircraft have been mostly related to the landing gear and there haven't been any serious accidents. Sure enough our flight went smoothly and we safely landed in Stuttgart.


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