When I first saw a web page back in 1994—it was the famous, now defunct Trojan Room Coffee Machine at the University of Cambridge—I said to myself “wow, that’s great!” This was when I fell in love with Internet and the World Wide Web.


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Old links

A somewhat unstructured collection of links from earlier versions of this page.

  • Our old photogallery of holiday and event pictures from Spain, Australia, Greece, Canada, Texas, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Cyprus, the Baltic states, Jersey and other places
  • Computers: some current and previous computers at our home and at work. Not that this is of particular interest to anyone, but I haven't found a better place for storing this information yet :-)
  • Conference:: a summary of conferences I have attended or spoken at.
  • International Business Machines Corp., an obvious choice for an IBMer of 25 years, isn't it? Read more about innovation in the IT industry, products, services and solutions.
  • And finally: Don't click here