Friday, January 2, 2015


The 1 c Nikon battery fix

Nikon cameras have suffered from various battery related issues, caused by problems with the lens mount or firmware bugs.

Recently my Nikon D300S, which had been a reliable companion and worked well under adverse conditions, started showing the dead battery syndrome quite frequently, and of course at the most inopportune times while shooting events. Cleaning the lens mount, replacing the battery and applying the long overdue firmware upgrade showed no noticeable improvement.

The problem seems to be with the battery compartment door. With frequent battery replacements, the door wears out and no longer applies enough pressure on the battery to ensure reliable contact. Fortunately there is a simple fix, and it doesn't cost more than 1 c (and a drop of glue).

The solution: Nikon Li-ion battery pack with 1 c coin glued to the bottom

Disclaimer: The Euro cent had the perfect thickness for my camera. Depending on wear and tear of your camera, alternate spacers such as a cardboard stripe may be more suitable.


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