Good old times ...

The first computer I fooled around with was a Commodore VIC-20. Later, I moved on to a Commodore 64, and also worked on various home and office computers, some with as much as 32 KB memory.

My first PC was an IBM PS/2 Modell 80, with a 386 running at an amazing clock speed of 16 MHz and featuring a large 70 MB hard disk, split into three logical partitions.

This was probably at that time when Mr. Gates said 640 K ought to be enough for everyone.

What about now?

At the office and on the road, I mostly use my Thinkpad T41, a nice lightweight laptop with a bright high resolution screen, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and a large hard drive that hasn't filled up yet. Lotus Notes 7 gives me the flexibility to have all documents I need with me, no matter where I am travelling.

At home my current collection of computers includes

connected with

Future plans

More desk space :-)

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