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WWW8 Conference, Toronto



The small town Tadoussac is one of the best spots on the Saguenay fjord for watching whales and belugas. Tours run daily from May to October but only limited periods of the year offer perfect views, while at other times you may well just get a tour on the fjord. Don't miss to visit the Centre d'Interpreétation des Mammifères Marins (CIMM) for more information. We were lucky and saw some belugas, well, kind of, but have a look for yourself.

Historic village Val Jalbert

St. Félicien

St. Félicien features a "different" zoo: here visitors are caged and animals are free. Take a guided tour at Zoo Sauvage and learn more about Canadian heritage and wildlife, such as the cuties shown here.




Algonquin National Park



Niagara-on-the-Lake is a quaint little town close to Niagara Falls, and certainly a good starting point for tours to the waterfalls, especially if you take the picturesque Niagara River Parkway route.

Niagara Falls

Just one hint: get up early when you want to enjoy the falls!


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