Saturday, April 21, 2007


Nikon D80 battery woes

So far I have been pretty happy with my Nikon D80, but a weird problem has started to show up more frequently: At first the battery appears full, then after taking one picture the battery shows as almost empty and the camera refuses to take pictures. Turn the camera off and on, and the battery appears full again ... pretty annoying.

Google doesn't find any reports of exactly this issue, but some Websites suggest that this may be a problem with the lens mount. For some reason the lens waggles a little and seems to have been in awkward position causing this behavior, and joggling the lens seems to indeed resolve the battery problem.

Now the lens shouldn't waggle in the lens mount but that's a different story ...

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I have the exact same problem and now tried your solution and will see how it works. I noticed though, that this problem didn't occur before the firmware update to 1.10 on my D80.
Thx for your blog notice!
The dead battery syndrome seems to affect not just the D80 but most Nikon dSLRs.

According to some reports, even the professional D3 and the semi-professional D300 suffer from sudden battery outages.
Hi, your blog post is pretty high up in the Google search you might know this already, but for other people: I was experiencing this problem for awhile and just today discovered that Nikon released a firmware update to fix this.
@Codefreez Thanks for the firmware update link. With the latest firmware release the problem still occurs but less frequently. Combined with the “mechanical” solution you can shoot for a while without experiencing the dead battery syndrome.
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