Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Bookmarks on the move

AVOS acquires Delicious social bookmarking service from Yahoo!

After months of rumors about Delicious’ future, Yahoo! announced that the popular social bookmarking service has been acquired by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the founders of YouTube. Delicious will become part of their new Internet company, AVOS, and will be enhanced to become “even easier and more fun to save, share, and discover” according to AVOS’ FAQ for Delicious.

Delicious became well-known not only for its service but also for the clever domain hack when it was still called (and yes, remembering where to place the dots was hard!) Once called “one of the grandparents of the Web 2.0 movement” Delicious provides a simple user interface, mass editing capabilities and a complete API and doesn’t look old in its eighth year in service.

Let’s hope that the smart folks at AVOS will keep Delicious running smoothly.

PS. Current bookmarks should carry over once you agree to AVOS’ terms of use and privacy statement, keeping a copy of your bookmarks might be a good idea. To export/download bookmarks access and save the bookmark file locally, including tags and notes.

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